Can we combine the 1st Amendment and Face Book?  It seems not after this past week.  I was in deep squat for giving an opinion.  Where do we draw the line?  I know that there is etiquette to why do the whistle blowers get away with all sorts of F*** words and C*** words, etc....and get away with it?  Is that etiquette?  I also know that it is easier to spout off on Face Book then it is to a person's face and take that into consideration, but what about having opinions that go against wall posts?

For example, when I post a comment on here, I do not expect you to agree with everything that I say.  It is my blog and my opinion.  If you want to voice your opinion, you are welcome to do so.  I also believe in staying friends by agreeing to disagree.  Does having a different opinion than you mean that we have dissolve our friendships or acquaintance status?  I mean.....Come On!!!

Here is what happened:  An acquaintance posted on his wall that people who have kids should not allow the government to raise those kids financially.  It implied that mothers milk the system.  This may be true in some cases, but not all cases.  Some of these mothers had kids with their husbands who at one time or another decided that they didn't want to be a husband or a father any longer.  I have  a neighbor who is case in point.  She is a wonderful person and the guy had to be an idiot to leave her and their 2 precious children.  He doesn't pay a lick of child support.  She works her butt off and has to rely on the government for health insurance as well as food stamps for her children.  She makes too much money to qualify for food pantries and at the moment is falling between the cracks.  She is pursuing her ex-husband for child support....but he like so many others evades the government. 

She is not alone.  My own mother had to endure the same predicament.  On the flip side of the coin, my husband endured the same thing when his kids were growing up.  He was the caretaker and his ex-wife refused to give a dime towards the well-being of the children.

So, on the day that I saw the post on Face Book, my dander got the best of me.  I posted back that a lot of the time, the reason that mother's have to go on welfare is because the fathers don't pay for child support.  He replied back that his ex works her butt off to not go on welfare.  I pointed out that women should not have to work their butts off to stay off of welfare.  If the fathers did their share, this would not be necessary.  Well....hell's fury hath wrath.  He went on the attack.  He tried to make out that I was attacking him personally.  That was never the case. My point was and is that the care taker of children should not have to work 2-3 part time jobs to care for their kids.  They should not have to go on welfare.  My point was that the parent who is not the caretaker should do everything in their power to make sure that their children are fed & clothed with a good roof over their heads in a decent neighborhood...even if it means that THEY have to take on 2-3 part time jobs...after all....the children are not under their roofs.  Instead, some of these non-caretakers/non-providers go from partner to partner making more babies who they do no support.  It irritates the dickens out of me and forgive me...but sometimes secretly, I think that castration is in order! 

Anyway, that was and is my stance.  Well, this person took it personally and let me have it on and on in personal messages.  My husband had to "un-friend" him and it got uglier because he thought that I "un-friended" him...and anger ensued.  So, I turned to my trusty Bible and through Proverbs, God showed me that you should never argue with a fool.  The Good Lord chastised me rightfully so.  I have since aborted all communication with this individual. 

But, my question is this....when you give an opinion on Face Book...does that make your opinion law?  Or are you supposed to be open to all opinions coming in? 

Face Book....I sometimes wonder if this source of communication is really an action of the enemy.  Instead of giving up anything for Lent, I chose to pray for salvation each day...for individuals who don't know The Lord.  But, maybe I should just give up Face Book...although...for would not be a sacrifice. :-P