Yes, you read the title right.  As I walk up and down my street, I see signs for Obama in one yard and Romney in the next yard. On my last count, I would say that from these signs, they are running neck to neck. But, there are tons of yards without any signs in them, including mine. I think that they are both nice people, but I personally don't want either of them running my country for a variety of different reasons. So, I feel that I am like the scarecrow perched on a pole telling Dorothy that she could go left....but then again....she could go right....but like Dorothy...I am searching for the yellow brick road that leads to the Wizard of Oz. 
     Here are some facts that some people may not be aware of:  Did you know that the name "Oz" came from Frank L. Baum sitting in his chair contemplating what to name the town when he spotted "O-Z" labeled on his filing cabinet?  Did you know that the Emerald City symbolized the money backers...the wealthy banks during a time of the depression?  Did you know that the reason that Kansas was bleak is because it represented the regular folks who had lost everything while it was bright and cheery in the land of Oz? Did you know that the yellow brick road ...those bricks represented bars of gold in the US mint....follow the money?! Oz wasn't effected or affected by the depression because it was over the rainbow.....a place of monitary wealth where everybody wants to go...however....there were those pesky witches who always seemed to get in the way just as Dorothy and her friends thought that things were turning in their favor.  But, did you notice at the end when the monkeys realized that Dorothy had killed the witch....they didn't attack...they were elated because the witch had been wicked and used them to do things that maybe otherwise they might not have done....the army of her kingdom.  Dorothy was treated well by the munchkins and Glenda the Good Witch....but she still kept looking back towards Kansas.  It didn't matter how bleak Kansas was portrayed...she wanted to go home to where her family and friends were.  She was willing to endure the depression of Kansas just so that she could be with her family. Kansas may not have had monitary wealth....but it sure had emotional wealth and plenty of love.

So, I wonder.....I know that times are tough for a ton of people in this country....much more so than what was portrayed in the Wizard of Oz.  If Obama and Romney were alive during the time of the depression when our parents/grandparents were alive and lived through it...who do you think that they would have voted for?  I ask that because though it was difficult...they rallied together and survived for the rest of us who are still alive today.  They worked their butts off for little pay.  They didn't cry, "Gimmee, gimme" when times were tough.  They rolled up their sleeves and took jobs that nobody else wanted and worked their fingers to the bone.  They came home from work and put quality time in with their families.  They had gardens in the back yard and shared their surplus with anyone who would take it....including transients who wandered through the neighborhoods looking for food & work.  My grandmother served up Victory soup daily at the picnic table in the back yard from her Victory garden....and the pot never ran dry.  She didn't have a cent to her name to tithe...but boy she had a garden that was blessed throughout the summer...and she tithed food...a commodity at that time. 

So, today, as I was making sausage with peppers and onions, and as I cleaned up my cutting board area from the seeds left behind from the peppers....I tossed them into the garbage can and something nagged at me.  I know....I should be saving these precious seeds.  Seeds are meant to be planted.  Why am I wasting precious money on these peppers at the grocery store when I could grow them in my backyard?!  We do the same things with melons, tomatoes, zucchini, etc...they too are loaded with seeds.  Why are we, as Americans, not saving these precious seeds of life and why are we not rolling up our sleeves to plant them if not for ourselves, then for a food kitchen...or a neighbor who is under their luck.  Sometimes we don't have the cash left over to donate to every cause and whim....but with all of the starving people in this country, why don't those of us who have a pot or a plot of land, plant those precious seeds...those gifts of that we can tithe towards people who need it?!  Jesus said that when we get to heaven.....he will turn a lot of people away because they didn't feed or clothe Him.  And when asked what He was talking about, He explained that when we didn't help someone in need....we neglected Him.  Some say that they don't have the means to help out.  But, with some soil from the Dollar Tree put into a pot from the Dollar Tree....and one of those precious seeds that we toss into the garbage can....we could eat the produce and not spend money....and then we would have the means to do more.  Hey....I am not judging you here...I AM juding myself because I have been so lethargic. 

So, now I want to bring us back to the unanswered question of Obama VS Romney....I still don't know which man I will vote for.  I will go and vote after much prayer and deliberation...and will do the best that I can to pick someone who will help all people in this country and not necessarily just my pocket book.  I still wonder who my Depression-surviving, Hitler-surviving Grandma would have voted for......hmm....I wonder.