My husband and I followed our nightly routine last night.  I got ready for bed while he finished up his email.  We both plopped on the bed and turned on the 11 PM news.  He started to snore just as they put on a story that was beyond belief as I proclaimed, "Did you hear that?!  What is this world coming to?!"  This is a nightly phrase, whether it is the 6 PM, 11PM, or Yahoo News.  I then proclaim, "Is it just me?!"  as in...."am I the only one who can see what is going on?!"  After all, aren't I the only one who knows what we need to do to solve all of the world's problems?!  <tongue in cheek>

The truth of the matter is that I only have questions....and am afraid to ask half of them because someone will say that I broke a law, like a hate crime, or I slandered someone, or that I am a nutcase/extremest/radical/terrorist, just because I asked a sensitive question.  Oh how I envy children who can ask whatever they want and feign ignorance!  But if I could get away with it for even one minute, I would ask about the news report that I heard last night.  There is a family suing the government for the right to live in polygamy.  I it just me?! 
Or, I might ask why we have to recognize marriages other than those between a man and a woman.  But, nowadays, that would make me an Archie Bunker bigot.  I don't hate gay people....just don't recognize marriage between two people of the same sex.  I am a Christian and that goes against my belief system....but God forbid I should mention the name Christian or God in the same sentence!  I live in the USA and can remember some great conversations over a good cup of coffee among friends at coffee houses around town.  We could talk about just about anything without hesitation.  Now, if someone brings something up, one of us will "Shoosh, someone might hear you....hate crime."  The thing is that we are not saying anything hateful....but have to fear that someone sitting around the corner will purposefully misconstrue what an innocent comment to their gain and call it a hate crime.  That is what some lawyers have done for this country.

That is another thing.  During the year, lawyers advertise for us to call them whenever we want to sue someone.  They tell us that they are our best friend and that we can trust them when the chips are down.  However, we have "Bike Week" here in Daytona Beach twice a year. Motorcyclists from all around the country ride into our county like ants coming to a picnic.  Women bare all, men watch, they all drink and drive, don't wear helmets, cut through traffic while breaking traffic laws.  A minority of these motorists don't indulge in any of this....but enough do that cause we residents either stay in the house while they ride over some of our lawns -or- leave town so that we don't have to deal with any of this.  Then, on the news, the same lawyers who tell us that they will help us throughout the year, now tell these visiting motorcyclists that if they get in an accident, or get caught breaking the law, or get chastised by a resident, to call them and that they will be represented.....because bikers need to stick together.  Talk about a two-faced lawyer....and they had been telling ME that they were my best friend....hrmph!
Another question I might ask would be why do black people call their friends n*gger, even jokingly?!  It is an  insult.  Why do ethnic groups complain about being stereotyped while doing things that are stereotypical?  Why do guys walk around with their pants hanging down to their ankles when they are not homosexual and not in prison?  Why, why, why?!  I hope that you realize that I say these things with tongue in cheek.....or will never know.  But, I miss being able to talk to people of different cultures openly so that we can learn from one another.  I did have that opportunity with one group of women whom I met with once a month.

There is a group of women whom I met with to share a hobby.  We would sit there doing our hobby (not telling to protect the innocent), while everyone talked about all kinds of things that some of us cringe about.  We are all very different.  One person committed adultery....another hates her step kids.....another is a total gossip....and we all have our sins and continue blabbing while not judging the other.....all over a hobby that we love and not many other people do.  What is said in this group, stays in this group.....kind of like Vegas.  But, it is during this time that questions and answers fly around the room...bigotry is tolerated....some look at us Christians and apologize for their language while some of us cringe...just occasionally.  But, I learn a lot whenever I was at these sessions.

 I am always amazed at how some people view the world.  One thing that I have learned is that some adulterous women are very egocentric.  They ignore what is happening to other people around them because they live in a "ME" society.  I notice that some black women are very quiet.....yet very intelligent...not like the loud stereotypes that literature and news would have you believe.  I have noticed that some hispanic women are very strong-willed.  They have to be in some instances because of what they have to tolerate at home.  I have learned that most Saudi women visiting in the US hate polygamy, even if their husbands choose not to live in that lifestyle because the possibility is always hanging over their head.  I have learned that some Indian women would rather leave their husbands and sons back in their country while they teach here at universities because when their sons come of age, they will have yet another boss to lord over them.  That was a while back...not sure if it is still the case.  But, you know what, what I have learned from ALL of these wonderful women is that we are all sisters in one way or another.  I have learned that if you have one ounce of empathy in your bloodstream, you will realize that we are all the way that we are because of our past experiences. I have learned that even the loud, opinionated women (not me, right?!) have secrets that they don't always want to bear....that being loud keeps them less vulnerable.  I have learned that we need to look over the boundaries to find commonalities.....just this have peace within our sisterhood. 

So, is it just me?  No.  It is you, and you, and you!  It is us and we are all weird and wonderful.  But, polygamy.....sorry.  I have to draw the line right here and now!