As previously mentioned, my mother passed away on Easter Sunday.  I thought that this would be an appropriate time to tell you about her near death experiences.  She would never have shared them while she was alive because she would have worried of people ridiculing her as to the truth and accuracy of her story.  But, I think that with Mother's Day approaching and mothers who have lost or aborted their children, this would be a short story of hope.

Mom said that when she arrived "there", she met her relatives from a long, long time ago.  She had this vision or experience after she was given medication that she was allergic to.  She was almost comatose, but not quite to that extreme.  She was here physically, but not mentally.  She responded to my voice at lunchtime...but was somewhere else.

She said that she loved visiting with her relatives.  She didn't know a lot of them because they were from a long time ago.  She had a designated area to stay in.  Everything was outdoors.  She wandered (as was my mother's nature) to an area where there were other people, even though she had been told to stay in the one place.  She said that they too were her relatives, but that they were all old fashioned.  They wore very old fashioned clothing...long skirts or dresses...just very old.  She told them that she had to get back because her daughter (me) was going to call her.  One person told her that I wouldn't be able to call her there.  She told them that yes, her daughter called her everyday at lunch time.  They asked how I was able to call her and she said that I always called her on the telephone.  They wanted to know what a telephone was.  She as trying to explain it to them when the lady who had been watching over her and showing her around came up to her and said, "Anna, that is why I told you to stay with your other family group.  These people don't know what technology is."  Mom said that she was leading Mom back to the original group.  As they were going there, Mom noticed a lot of children playing in another area.

Mom said that the children were extremely well behaved.  She said that they were excited but not to the point that you didn't want to be around them.  She asked the woman who those children were.  She was told that these are the children who either haven't been born yet, who didn't get to stay long, or didn't have the opportunity to be born.  Mom didn't understand what that meant at the time, but as she told me the story, she said that at the telling, she thinks that these were some of the ebabies who died young or were aborted.  Mom asked the lady what was going to happen to them...and the lady told her that they are excited because they are either waiting to go to live with their parents....or are waiting for their parents to come there to be with them. 

On that day, when I talked to her nurse who was substituting for the regular nurse, he conversed casually about her case.  Somehow, during the course of our conversation, he mentioned that he had schooling at his church and belonged to a healing ministry.  I told him that I had done the same thing and it was killing me that I could lay hands on other aliling people, but couldn't be there to do that for my own mother.  He asked me if I would like him to pray for her and I immediately said of course!  He said that he would take her back to her room as soon as we hung up and pray for her.  The only thing that I can tell you is that two hours later, after 2 months of her being in this condition, she "woke up" and came out of her condition miracuously.  That was when she told me this story of what I feel was heaven.

I am telling you this story because some of you may have lost a child or aborted a child and live in distress or guilt as a result.  According to my mother, she met some of these children....and they are patiently waiting to meet you whether here on earth if you are expecting a child....or in heaven when you get there.

There is more to the story besides the children though.  She also told me that everybody was preparing for a party.  It was going to be a huge marriage feast.  She said that the tables are being set up and places set.  Decorations are being put together and toys are being collected and inventoried for these aforementioned children.  She even helped inventory the toys for them while she was there.

Mom said that she felt guilty when she woke up because aside from remembering my noon phone calls, she didn't remember her family here, while there.  That was her first experience.

Mom had a shorter experience almost exactly one year later.  She said that she went back to the same place.  They were still doing everything that they had been doing when she had left a year ago....only it was as though only minutes had passed.  She said that her relatives laughed and said....hey Anna.....are you going to stay this time or are you going back again?  She said that she told them that it depended on whether her daughter got that prayer group going again.  She said that we kept praying her back to earth.  We know that it wasn't was Jesus of course answering our prayers...but she was upset that she was back the second time.  That is when she had a talk with me about that prayer group.  I was told NOT to pray her back the next time.  We didn't.  We let Jesus keep her and enjoy her company this last time. 

I really miss my aches...I miss her so much.  I knew that it would hurt and be hard...but I had no idea how much of my life she was involved with.  I always asked her her opinion about things going on in our family life.  I called her regularly and now at those times of the day, there is this void that I can't seem to fill.  Sometimes, I laugh or smile when I think of her,and at other times, I cry uncontrollably...thinking that I am taking my last breath because I can't catch my breath.  But, in the end, I always do.  It will take time.  I will see her again with her legs whole again.  She will be younger and happier than I have ever seen her before.  Time there will not have moved as much as it has here.

During one of our last conversations, Mom looked at me and said, "Honey, you love me too much."  I said it then and am saying it now....I will never be able to love my Mother enough as she deserves to be loved....but I will always love her.