I talked to Mom in depth the other day because the night before she gave us quite a fright.  She had been in the hospital where they took her off of her BP meds saying that she didn't need them.  Well, when she got back to the nursing home, my 86 year old mother had her BP skyrocket to 189/145.  The nursing home called us to tell us what was going on and that they were trying to calm her down because she appeared to be hallucinating.  Apparently she was talking about "prints" and was crying and reaching out trying to talk and not making sense.  I called back to find out if they had gotten her BP under control.  The nurse said that it was down to 145/90.  She said that the doctor ordered them not to allow anyone to talk to Mom because if they didn't get her calmed down, the blood pressure medicine would not work and that we could lose her.  That was a tough night of prayer for me.  It was one of those nights where you look up to God with your hands in the air and not know exactly what to say...just knowing that He knows your heart. 

The next day, I called early to see how Mom was and they said that she was still sleeping and that they were allowing her to stay in bed for the day if necessary.  She was better, but exhausted.  I called every hour checking up on her, probably driving these very patient nurses crazy...but I wanted so much to hear my mother's voice.

Finally, in the afternoon, Mom woke up and had a long conversation with me.  I told her that she had given us quite a scare.  She said that she knew that and remembered every detail of what had happened.  She really wanted to talk about it too..and I let her.  Here is her story:

"I was laying there crying because I knew that I was sick and didn't know what was wrong with me.  My mind was going again.  This happened to me last year and I was gone for a long time.  I didn't want that to happen again.  So, I was saying the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary.  But, when I said the Lord's Prayer, I couldn't remember the words!  I was upset because I knew that I knew the words and couldn't remember how to say them.  The nurse was trying to calm me down.  I was upset and trying to ask her the words to the Lord's Prayer and she kept telling me that I was hallucinating.  I knew that I was hallucinating because I was seeing print where everything was solid.  The walls are solid, the bed is solid...but I was seeing print."

I asked her what kind of print she was seeing?

"Well at first, I saw words on the walls.  I was trying to see what they said...but I realized that they weren't words.  They were names."

Do you mean names of things?...or do you mean people's names?

"They were people's names.  They were all over the walls.  They are there but the naked eye can't see them.  I can't see them now.  But, I know that they are there.  I also saw flowers on the ceiling and on the bedspread.  The flowers were small at first and then got large and beautiful.  But, then I felt a crooked jaggedness and knew that it was a bad thing.  I knew that something evil was nearby and I started praying to God.  I wanted the evil thing to go away.  When I prayed the Lord's Prayer, it went away.  But then, when I stopped, it started coming back so I prayed again and forgot the words.  I got upset and was trying to tell the nurse that I couldn't remember the words and needed her to help me to say the right words, but my voice didn't work right.  Do you know how in a dream, when you try to say something or to scream and the words or your voice don't come out?  It was like that.  I knew that she thought that I had gone over the edge.  Maybe I did.  But, I was only trying to tell her to help me to remember the words to the Lord's Prayer."

"But, it didn't matter anyway.  I think that God heard me.  I was suddenly back in the same place that I was at last year, when you said that I almost died.  So, I thought, 'am I dead?'  But, I was so alive.  I like it there.  It is peaceful.  Everyone gets along.  I saw my other family again."

Mom...in your other family...do you have a husband...did you see your brothers and sisters?

"No...it is different there.  There are no mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters.  We are all related.  These were all of my ancestors too.  There are people of all different nationalities there...but we all understand one another.  We all speak the same language.  But, I thought that we were speaking in English.  I don't think that they others spoke English.  We understood each other though.  They are all kids (coming from my 86 year old mother)."

Mom...when you say kids, are you talking about children?

"No...kids like you.  We were all old...but we were young.  I didn't wear a brace.  I could walk and run just like the children."

How old were you?

"I'm 86."

No, Mom....how old were you there?

"I was 86 there.  But my body was young.  I could run and play with the children.  Anyway, I sat at a picnic table...well...it wasn't a picnic table...but it was outside.  We talked and talked and talked about the old days and what was going on there since I was gone.  They are planning something really big.  There were more people there this time.  I asked if I was going to stay this time and they said no."

"I decided to go for a walk this time.  The last time, I stayed with my immediate family...my group.  But, this time, I went across the way.  There was a kind of fence.  I looked around and saw people who were more old fashioned.  They were young...but before my time.  It was a different, older generation.  When I talked to them about some things, they would look at me because they didn't know what I was talking about.  I had mentioned talking of the phone and they didn't know what a telephone was."

"I had been there for a while and thought, I should go back to my group.  So, I went back.  When I got there, I saw children down the way.  I asked if I could go to see them and they said yes...so I went to my left.  I saw hundreds of children playing and laughing.  They were all very well behaved.  These are the kids who were never born or haven't been born yet."

What?!  Mom...were they babies or kids?

"They weren't babies.  They were young children.  Some of them had died young...sad stories.  But, they were happy there.  I heard a lady call to me and ask me to help her with her job."

You have jobs there?  What did she do?

"Everybody has a job, but it isn't hard work like we think of here.  People liked working there.  They had me counting.  I can't remember what I was counting now though.  It was for the kids.  What was I counting?  I am trying to remember."

Do you remember the lady's name? Was she someone that you know?

"I know everyone there.  But, we don't have to call each other by name.  When you talk, they know who you are talking to.  It is different.  Oh, I remember, I was counting the plush animals for the children.  She had them laying in a row on the lawn."

You weren't in a house or building?

"Oh, no.  The weather is always nice there.  You don't need a house or building really.  The sky is blue and the grass is very green..soft and fluffy.  But, it isn't like the blue sky here or the green grass here.  It is different.  Anyway, I counted the toys for her and got to 200...but I had to come back and here I was back in my bed."

Mom, it sounds like you visited heaven.  That is a good thing.  Right?

"Oh yes.  Maybe I was hallucinating.  I don't know....but it was real.  I know that I will go back some day.  It is a nice place.  I know that I wasn't afraid there.  So, it wasn't hell.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  There was noise.  But, it wasn't noisy."

So there you have it.  You can call it a hallucination...though a very detailed one if that is what it was.  She remembered so many details.  I can't help but wonder if my mother had an encounter with heaven.

Before I hung up, I asked her what the party was supposed to be.  She said that she wasn't sure at the time.  "People were getting ready for it though and were excited about it.  I was excited about it too.  I couldn't wait."

I don't know about you the reader.  But, as for me....I am excited about that party too!  I can't wait! 

He is Risen...He is Risen indeed!  He will come again!  And we will all be lifted up in the Twinkling of an Eye and changed into new bodies and clean spirits.  We  too will know this peace and love and joy.  We too will partake in the "party".  Do you know Jesus?  If you have asked Him to be your Lord and Savior, then you will be lifted up too.  If you don't know Him and want to be a part of this party, but don't know how to accept Christ...feel free to write to me a IzzaBoutChutToo@yahoo.com.  I can't wait to hear from you!