I just got home from almost having a heat stroke and a nervous breakdown.  I told you the story about the eye appointment and that it went well....but I do need new glasses. So, today, I set out to look for the new glasses.  But, to be honest, something nagged at me this morning.  I felt sluggish.  I didn't feel like going out.  But, when something needs to be done, I have always tried to get it done "yesterday".....and so I went out.  It was a typical day.  I was stopped at a red light, it turned green, I was in the right lane, there was a car next to me in the passing lane, we uneventfully set out to cross the intersection like we have done probably a million times with no incident.  We hadn't fully accelerated because we had just crossed the wide intersection.  The car that had been to the left of me was going a little faster than I was because he was ahead of me about a car length, when suddenly from behind us out of nowhere, a car came flying like a bat out of you know where...almost hit the other car and slammed over to my lane to avoid hitting it and almost hit me...but I steered right went up on the curb (high curb) and then back down again with a thump.  The car that he almost hit went on...I am not even sure that they knew that they were almost hit....and the perpetrator kept right on going amid my horn blowing and being stopped on a dangerous road.  My heart was in my throat as I limped my car off on to a side road.  We must have caused quite a commotion because neighbors from nearby houses were running out to see if we were all okay, only to find my parked car in front of their house where I sat in it in tears.  I was sobbing.  I was fine.....but I was sobbing. 

Do you know how they say that your life passes in front of you when you are put into a dangerous situation?  Well, that didn't happen to me.  Instead, as I sat in my limping car, I had the realization that I was on a side street of a neighborhood, just off of the curb where I had entered the sidewalk.  I saw concerned people running to me. I had the realization that if they had been on the sidewalk, I could have killed them....or I could have rammed into one of their houses.  But, I stopped the car quickly enough to not accelerate that far.  I could have killed a pedestrian though and that pushed my emotions over the edge.  How many times had I seen kids and teenagers walking up and down that busy street?  Thank God that it was so hot outside that nobody wanted to be out there.

These neighbors asked if I wanted to use the phone or have a drink of water.....I said that though I was shook up, I was alright.  I called my husband.  He heard how shook up I was that my DH left work to be at my side.  He had told me to call the police before he got there so that maybe they would be there, take the report, and then we could get the car towed......oh yeah....my right tire was completely shredded...a new tire too. 

So, I dialed 911 to tell about the accident and  was telling ...how the other drive never stopped and is still out there speeding...only to get disconnected.  I dialed back and she seemed annoyed....like I disconnected the phone or something.  I was getting perturbed.    She wanted the description of the car....I told her that he was going so fast that it was hard to get the description.  They said that they would send an officer to the scene.   I tried to explain that I was now on a side street to get out of the way of traffic and she had already cut me off.  Great.  Now they will be looking for me in the busy traffic and when I am not there...they will keep going.  And...that is exactly what happened.  But, I didn't see the bigger picture. 

My husband shows up and gives me the once over.....are you sure that you are okay...looks at the car...did you call the police......what about the tow truck...what felt like one breath....and I just looked at him and broke down again.  All I could see were those teenagers that I had seen walking on that sidewalk just days ago...playing over and over in my brain. 

I explained what had happened...that the police passed right by me...that I had to call back again...that it was going to be another short while.  He wanted to call the tow truck and I said that we should wait for the police because if we move the car, then what?!  Hubby was upset that I moved the car to the side road because now they won't see what actually happened.  I pointed out that there is a police camera at this intersection.  I hate those cameras and how they infringe on our rights....but in this case, it would be on my side.   We waited.  We waited in the 100 degree temperatures taking turns sitting in the AC of the car while the other person stood by the intersection.  I was sweaty and wilted.  I was hot and irritable.  Thank God that we had water in the car.  I was slugging those back.  Suddenly I heard sirens. 

Why would they have sirens on to come here, I thought.  I saw not one, not two, but three police cars pass me by.  But then, I saw a motor cycle cop and waved at him madly.  He actually came over to see if I needed him.  I started to tell him that we had been waiting over an hour and he cut me shore saying that he was sorry....all of those police cars were heading to an armed robbery in progress at the plaza across from where the accident happened.  My thoughts immediately went to my husband's best friend because he works at a business in that plaza.....hoping that he was alright...that they were all alright. 

Cliff came out to relieve me when I told him what was going on.  The police never made it to take the report.  The tow truck arrived and took the car to the garage.  I was going to wait for the car.....but the guy said that they may have to special order the tires and that they needed to check out the axle...what a mess.  I am now here sitting and typing this account.

I thanked the neighbors before leaving.  I called the police department to apologize for being short with them.  I am thankful that I am alright.  I hope that the car will be alright too.  But, what I didn't see was the bigger picture that God saw.  You see, I was going to stop at the grocery store before heading to the eye glass store to get an iced tea.  I missed my chance to turn and figured that I would go to the next store on the way to pick one up.  If I had made that turn, I could have been involved in the robbery.  Who knows if I would be sitting here typing or not.  I didn't see the bigger picture.  I even thought about going up ahead a little and then turning around to be able to get that cold iced tea....but this jerk pushed me off of the road and I never got to go.  I stood there angry that the police were not responding in a timely manner.  All the while, God was negotiating things in His Bigger Picture.  Thank God that He Takes Care of ALL Things.