My husband and I went away for Thanksgiving.  This morning, I woke up and decided that I really needed to clean the house.  We had been at my sister-in-law's and I usually clean before going...and didn't this time.  So, when we got back, I was exhausted and didn't feel good.  Things got neglected.  I cleaned the bathrooms and my kitchen cabinets and looked at the floors...argh.  I decided that I would clean the floors and then changed my mind when I realized that the tree and decorations would make a huge mess of it.  I would have to turn around and clean the floors again.  So, I decided that I should decorate before I cleaned the floors.  Have you ever had things that you wanted to do...but had to start at point A in order to get to point Z...even though the stuff in between wasn't relevant to what you really wanted to do in the first place?  Welcome to my world!

  Before I can put up the tree and its decorations, I have to decorate the window swags with garland and lights.  I can't reach the windows if the tree is up because the tree stands right in front of these windows.  The swags don't make a mess that would affect my floors...but they are step one before step two: The tree.  As I was going for the garland in the boxes in the garage, I came across the other decorations that belong around the rest of the house.  The boxes were  too heavy to I had this dilemma... I could wait until my husband, Cliff, came home before getting to the garland and tree stuff...but I wouldn't be able to clean the floors...or, I could empty the boxes on top so that I wouldn't have to lift them, and put the stuff out as I emptied the boxes so that I could get to the garland.  I decided on the latter.  I decorated the rest of the house and was finally able to get to the garland.  I put it up, checked the twinkle lights and they were fine...added them to the garland...the ribbon...and things were looking pretty.  I rewarded myself with a cool glass of iced tea, sat down on the couch to admire my work.... as I watched the twinkle lights on one strand go out.  I thought..."No!"  So, I plugged and unplugged a gazillion lights trying to find the culprit....finally took down the garland so that I could take the old lights out and put a new strand on.  I got it all back up and stood back as I heard Cliff coming in from work and realized what time it was...and that I hadn't cooked anything for dinner.  Leftovers...thank God for leftovers.  He decided to grill turkey burgers while I worked on the tree. 

We ate and he wanted me to sit with him...I was afraid to.  I was hurting all over from lifting boxes and knew that if I sat down...that would be it for me....but I complied.  He just wanted company.  He finally went to his office to work on bills and I got up grudgingly to clean up my mess...and oh what a mess!  Anyway, the tree is up, the decorations are up, the swags are up....and the floors are still dirty.  Tomorrow is another day!