How easy is it for a victim to make a bully?  We always see it as the bully making the victim.  But, hear me out.  I really do think that victims can create bullies, especially here on the Internet.
If you become easily offended by someone else's opinion, and respond in an offended way, no matter what the other person says, from the audience's point of view, the person with the opinion is immediately turned into a bully, and the offended person a victim....even if they never intended to be.

How do I know that?  Because this past week, I saw myself as a victim.  I was insecure about what I do, acted insecure, and responded to the other person's opinion in a defensive made me look even weaker and insecure, and it also made her look like she was bullying me and other's like me.  This happened in the Yahoo Groups.  I wish that I could say that I was PMSing, but those days are long gone.  I had no right to respond the way that I did to her opinion...and it was all because I didn't read it thoroughly enough and took it to heart, personally.  Her words made me defensive and they opened up old wounds for which she has no control over. AND by responding to her the WAY that I did...I became the bully.  Funny how the silliest things can do that to us.  I believe that it is the Enemy who does that to us.  He wants us to all turn against one another.  He wants us to all harness our old hurts...they distract us from what is more and respect for one another. 

So, this is a public apology to Sue.  You voiced your opinion.  I don't necessarily agree with all of your viewpoints....but I  understand WHY you feel the way that you do....and for that I agree.  I still believe that we need to educate people to be independent and able.  But, ultimately, it is the individual who needs to take the time to seek that education and to practice what they learn before blaming circumstances for their inadequacies.  It is also a conundrum that they are unaware that they ARE the variable that is causing the reason for their failures and thus blame what sits in front of them..the cutting machine.

Yes everyone, we are talking and debating about cutting files and cutting machines here....LOL.  Silly, isn't it?  I became so passionate about something this silly!  I make lots of files and took her remarks about cutting files being inadequate to heart!  I took it all personally.  She never pointed her finger at me!....but that is the way that I read it! 

Most of my files are clean, but I have found some that are not for reasons that I will not discuss here.  In those instances, it was my program because of a project that I am involved in.....I only have myself to blame in those instances.  I have since started fixing those files so that they will cut more easily.  But, the thing is, I reacted to her article instead of thinking first.  Boy, I must really think very highly of myself to think that she was only talking about me...but there was a reason for that too.

I get lots of emails from a lot of you.  Most of them are very positive, filled with thank yous, prayers, and the like.  I have only had two letters that were discouraging because the parties did not know how to use a pdf...I offered videos as well as stayed on while the other didn't want to be bothered....and that is her right.  But, recently, I got a few emails from individuals who resent my site.  I guess that by doing this, I am stepping on toes.  They sell their designs and don't like the fact that I am not selling my designs.  I use only free clipart here on a free site that is not anything fancy.  I cannot categorize the way that I would like to be able to...especially since I have an anal retentive personality.  It kills me that I can't organize things the way that I would like to.  These other individuals have such beautiful sites with attractive packages for sell.  I admire them...but my stuff is a far cry from anything that they offer and I am the first to admit that.  But, it was important to me to not just offer files, but to offer files with photos so that you can see if you wanted them before you took the time to download.  Other sites didn't allow that....or even wpc files for that matter.  I had a Yahoo site that would not accept wpc files...and I was paying for the site!  I like the photos and the files side by side.  That was my priority.  Anyway, I am not a threat to anyone because I do what I do as a fun hobby.  I have thought about selling lace designs because people are always asking for them...maybe when the economy is on the upswings again.  But in the meantime, this site is what it is.  Enjoy it.   And, again...Sue...hope that you see public apology!