I am so upset as I write this.  I just watched a program on CTBN that exposed China's rule over its people.  Yeah, I knew that it was a Communist Government, but was appalled at what I heard.  It started in the '50's and still goes on today.  I titled this China Dolls are Being Killed because of all of the abortions that are still going on.  I always thought that China Dolls were delicate baby dolls....well....read on.  I was so upset that I composed an email to our prayer chain to pray for China.  I am asking you to do the same.  Here is the email that I had sent a few minutes ago.  After you read it, please take a moment to re-evaluate how much you need that new item for the dollar stores.  I am not saying to stop purchasing it.  It is near impossible to escape purchasing Chinese-made merchandise.  But, the next time that you pick up that dollar item...think about the sacrifice that went into making it.  Here is the letter that I wrote to my prayer chain:

Hi Everyone,

I am asking for prayer for the Chinese labor camps.  I just watched a program on cwtn and am appalled.  They had a guest on who was a prisoner in one of these camps.  He survived and escaped.  I wasn't sure whether to believe everything or not, so I came onto the Internet to do some research.  The article to click on below is from CNN.  This gentleman not only told about the atrocities that began back in the 1950's beginning with the kidnapping of two major towns into slavery....but it is still going on today.  Do you know all of the things that we buy cheap from the Dollar Tree and Walmart....and it is all made in China and we all joke about it and the quality.  Well, the next time that you buy something from one of those stores, look closely at it because it could have been made by an individual who was recruited against their wishes to a concentration camp in order to make that product cheaply for us.  The government views its citizens as tools for the betterment of the Communist regime.  I for one am appalled that we are unaware of this.  They also use these people to cultivate human organs for donor programs.  They justify it by saying that it will save someone's life.  They also abort 32,000 babies PER DAY!  Do the math on that! The people are trying to escape to break free without success.  They are using the MAJORITY of the money that they get from us, here in the free US of A to support their military efforts.  They are making up a 200 Million Man army.  I always thought that it was a myth....but not according to what I have been reading.  So, by shopping in these stores for cheap products, we are supporting these people to have enough man power to bring our nation to its knees....we too could be products of the Communist regime in the not so distant future.  What can we do?  Pray.  Focus on the Lord.  Bring back our values.  Freedom for all mankind.  Not one of these things can be accomplished by us individually....but it can ALL be accomplished by all of us in a united voice a allegiance to our King.  It gives new meaning to me when I think of the Advent term "Maranatha".  Come Lord Come.  He alone can accomplish all of this and more.  We in the US sometimes forget about our brothers and sisters abroad who live in slavery for a lifetime...if they survive it.  So, I am requesting prayer for the country of China.....for the people who cry out for justice...for all of those unborn babies who cry out for justice.