God Bless America!  God Bless these United States of America.  In spite of all of the treacherous, horrible things that we do from time to time, there are those of use who want to do what is right...what God would want us to do.  We vote, we pray, we do what is right to the best of our abilities..and so...now I ask you Lord God in heaven, to bless this country of ours.  We are at war sparring with a culture who doesn't understand our intent anymore than we understand theirs.  Ours was a country that didn't look to kill as some cultures insist on doing in the name of Allah.  This makes us as a nation prejudice towards Muslim nations.  I am not speaking now as an individual..I am speaking prayer for my country.  We were always a peaceful people who had diverse differences..but we didn't look to kill with intent.  There were wars and there was and still is diversity...but not enough to make us want to kill purposefully...until lately.  We are skeptical now after 911.  We saw a nation...terrorists...kill innocent people on planes and in buildings.  None of us saw this coming because we were naive of what was going on across the sea and in our own back yard.  We are so busy worrying about blocking off borders to illegal aliens that we are not seeing how other countries are gaining entry legally...how in the future our country can be taken over!

 One easy way that we are allowing a take over of  this nation is to allow aliens to come in with legal visas....become pregnant...have the child here in this country.....the child is a naturalized US citizen...they go home to be raised in their respective countries and their cultures....and can legally come back to the US on a whim.  In the past, that wasn't a problem because there was no ill intent.  But that is no longer the case.  There is one country that is doing this.  They allow the kids to return to the US at the age of 16 to attend our schools, buy property, and impregnate more women here or abroad...but making sure that the birth takes place here in the US...yet another back door legal citizen that they can raise in their respective countries and continue on and on.  Don't worry though..it doesn't show up as a bill to us...their prince pays for everything.  We are not footing the bill.....yet.

The people whom I spoke to, who are doing this, informed me that they have communities set up around the perimeter of the United States and are now starting to move inland.  They are planning a revolution in the future to take over this land....we will eventually be the minorities at that time....our children's children.  We are letting this happen right under our noses.  I fervently believe that we need to change an age old law.  We need to stop allowing children of aliens to automatically become naturalized citizens if born here during their visas (or is it vistas?).   

So, I pray for the future of this nation and for the complacent citizens among us to wake up and smell the coffee.  We need to revisit some of our laws.  Our laws were put into place to keep us safe and free...not to imprison us.  Please join in prayer with me on these issues.

I hope that those reading this will not think that I am a prejudiced person because I am not.  I am a proud American for what it was supposed to stand for...not for what back door citizens want it to become.  God please help us.  And also..God bless Israel.  We have to deal with this from across a sea....but they have to deal with it from their back yard.

God bless America!