Dear Lord,

I had such a wonderful weekend.  Cliff and I went to a high school Christmas concert that was held at a local church.  We are wondering if it had to be held outside of the school because there were songs sung that worshiped You.  It wasn't a concert of just winter wonderland type of lyrics.  It was a traditional Christmas concert where Your Son Jesus was valued and loved.  Lord, please do the impossible as I know only You can do.....please allow prayer back into the classroom here in the United States.  Some Christians don't want it back in the classrooms because of all of the religions here in the country.  They are afraid that if we allow prayer back into the classroom, there will be room for other non-Christian religions to worship their false gods...but I disagree.  I know You.  I know that you can provide us our request without worrying about the other false doctrines because you are the God Almighty...Supreme Ruler of the universe.  You are not budda or alla or a football are God Almighty who made the people who worship these other false doctrines and I know that you can grant this simple request.  I will go a step further then.  I also ask you to let Christian religious instruction back into the school and public places throughout the entire country.  I ask that you allow the Christians to be heard in these places without persecution.  Allow us to worship you openly.  Why are muslims allowed to sit in public places outstretched towards mecca without being persecuted in the same way that Christians are?!  There are more Christians in this country than muslims.  It isn't fair Lord.  Please do not allow this to happen any longer.  Let us Christians have our rights to worship You reinstated.

I ask all of this in Jesus' Mighty Name....Amen.

Cliff and I also got to walk through Bethlehem via a local church here in Daytona.  Lord, I ask you to bless that church mightily.  They spent 3 months preparing it for all of the locals here.  It was wonderful and gave me goose bumps at times.  Please let them grow and prosper in order to stretch out Your Hands through their hands.  Stretch Your Hands across our community and bless it so that we can all do your bidding.  Wipe out the crime that has been popping up.  Provide for the thieves who steal because their families are suffering due to lack of provision.  Take away their incentive to steal.  Provide healing to the thieves who steal because they need drugs or alcohol.  Take away their desire and habits to want these things and replace them with the Holy Spirit to conform these poor addicts so that they will become a vital part of our community....honest, hard-working, full of integrity.  Lord, please help the thieves who steal and kill because of a grudge that they harbor in their hearts long before the crime can ever be committed.  Cleanse them  of their hostility and replace that void with the Holy Spirit so that all that they will strive for is love for others' well being.  Make them leaders in our community who can help others of their own hostilities.  Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that this can be accomplished.  Bless all of our thieves Lord.  Bless all of them abundantly.  Give them guidance.  You know who they are Lord.  Show them mercy....Mercy that only You can understand.  Help them to grow away from satan's crime and into Your heavenly realm where they will want to help others in an honest manner.  I ask for all of these blessings in Jesus' Name.

Lord, I ask you to stretch Your Hands among all of our communities of the world and to bless each and everyone of us.  Help us to have access to know You better.  Allow all of us the opportunities to become closer to You without persecution or danger.  Protect us from being killed or tortured or sued because we love you so much that we want to praise Your Name for all that You do for us daily.

Lord, I also ask You to stretch your Hands across the nations of the world to end poverty, ignorance, and starvation.  Please bless our lands so that they can provide nutrition for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and clothes & shelter to protect us.  Cause us to benefit from our daily words with you so much that we will want to voluntarily want to destroy all of our that distracts us from YOU.  Teach us moderation so that we can learn to put You first and our fun distractions last.  You gave us some of our distractions for entertainment, but I don't think that you ever meant for them to become a substitution for You.  We have become drunk with distraction...which in turn has turned us luke warm or ice cold towards you.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who worship an image of You whom they think is You...but it is not You.  It is an impostor.  Open their eyes to see the impostor for who or what ever it is.  Allow them back into your fold Lord.  Cleanse all of us.  In Jesus' Name I pray.

I love You Lord.  Have a wonderful day!