"GUILTY!  The defendant will be subject to death by lethal injection!"  Slam of the gavel...."Case dismissed!"

We have all either seen this on television or at the movies and it has been sensationalized so much that when Casey Anthony was pronounced INNOCENT by a jury of US citizens representing the people of the State of Florida....everyone was in utter shock, including me.  I held my breath and praised God when I heard it.

Do I think that Casey Anthony was innocent?  From everything that I saw during the trial...she was definitely INNOCENT!  It was not the job of the defense to prove her innocence.  That is how our law is set up and it has worked for over 200+ years.  It is the job of the prosecutor to prove her guilt and he did not do that.  He did not do justice to his job.  He was over confident and went for the death penalty KNOWING that he didn't have the proof that was necessary to hand over the death penalty.

I have heard lots of news reports now where people are in a fury over the decision handed down by the jury and that they think that the jury did not do Kaly justice.  This case was never about doing Kaly justice.  That is what maybe it should have been about....but it wasn't.  Our judicial system is about determining whether or not defendants did whatever it is that they are accused of.  In this case the decision was about Casey Anthony...and not her daughter.  She was found innocent because the prosecutor's could not prove that she was guilty and the jury was there to determine that and nothing else.  The public needs to leave them alone.  They didn't want to be in the situation that they were in and they served their country as jurors where most shirk their responsibility.  We have no right to judge the jurors!

Now back to my question....do I think that Casey Anthony was innocent or guilty?  Well, if I were to listen to the news media, she was guilty 3 years ago.  To listen to the case that was presented, I think that she was innocent on the count of first degree murder and manslaughter.....but the child abuse charge is a little fuzzy in my mind.  In saying that she is guilty of child abuse...I say that not knowing the boundaries of the law in defining child abuse....so my decision there is null and void.  But, I also heard from witness after witness after witness that she was a great mother...so who am I to judge her anyway?  I wasn't there.  I only know what the news propaganda passed around said.  And that is exactly what most of it was...as it usually is...a bunch of lying propaganda.  We were warned about it when we learned its meaning in school....and yet here we all fell subject to it. 

But, we all need to take another look at this case from a different point of view.  Picture this:  Jesus is stooped over drawing in the sand.  Everyone behind him is shouting at him to judge Casey Anthony..."Kill her...stone her!"  Jesus says nothing.  He continues to write/draw in the sand at his feet.  Casey sits cowering from the shouts and stones from the angry mob forming around her.  But, suddenly, she notices that each person peeks at what Jesus has drawn/wrote in the sand, hangs their heads and walks away in shame.  What could be so comparable to Casey's case that this parable works?  Well, how many of you have had an abortion?  How many of you have knowingly watched a friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance go and have an abortion?  How many of you have encouraged your wife, girlfriend, significant other, friend with benefits, or rape victim to have an abortion so that they won't be tied down with their mistakes and so that they could then move on happily with their lives?  How many?  How many of you have had unprotected sex that could lead to a child that nobody wanted or planned on having?  How many?  And guess what?  Even if you said I didn't do ANY of these things...you are wrong.  You see, abortion is killing a baby.  WE as a COUNTRY legalize killing thousands of children DAILY!  WE the voters have allowed this.  WE the citizens of the US have allowed this.  WE have turned our backs to doing anything about this.  Have you ever even THOUGHT about having an abortion?  You too are guilty because Jesus pointed out that if a man lusts in his mind he has already committed the sin.  So, if you entertain sin in your mind....you have already committed that sin.  If you even thought about having an abortion.....as in entertaining the idea.....you have already sinned.  You are condemned and should be put before the death penalty according to law.....when you think and plan murder......it is first degree and deserves the death penalty.  So, if any of you have done any of these things, you need to get off of Casey's back.  Thank God that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty.....and guess what?!  That didn't happen!  She was found to be innocent and we as a nation need to honor that as much as we honor abortion......if for no other reason than the fact that it is a law!  We honor law.  God told us to honor our laws. 

The good news is that if you are guilty on any of the counts listed in the last paragraph, you don't have to face the fury of the crowds that Casey faces in days and years to come.  You won't have to look over your shoulder for vigilantes coming to "finish the job"...a quote from a northerner on the 6 o'clock news.  You don't have to live in fear for your secret sin.  You are not being chastised for what you did.  You have the law of the books and society on your side.  How messed up is this?!  Why AREN'T you being judged for killing a child....or participating in killing a child....or encouraging the killing of a child?  I am not here to put you on a guilt trip.  I am here to tell you that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  I am here to tell you that just as you feel guilt over what you or someone you know did.....you should all the more having been there.....have EMPATHY for this woman.  Whether she did it or not....she like you are mourning the loss of her child.

So where do we go from here?  WE as a society can learn from our mistakes.  I agree with the idea of a Kaly Law being put into the books where parents who know that their child is missing would have to report it to the police....no excuses.  We can go before God and tell Him that we are sorry for either aborting, encouraging abortion, standing for abortion, watching without reacting to abortion, and not fighting abortion.  We can get on our knees and tell HIM how we feel and ask HIM to show us why we should or should not feel the ways that we feel as individuals and as a nation.  HE WILL FORGIVE YOU!  I watched the Anthony family stand by their daughter even when their names were drug through the mud.  I watched them lie for her in order to protect her.  That is what a parent does for the love of a child even when they may or may not be doing something wrong.  I have step children.  They don't always do what I think that they should do.  I have watched my husband defend them regardless of what they have done.  He hates what they may have done.....but he stands by them through thick and thin because he is their father.  I didn't grow up with a father to see a father do this for his kids.  It was foreign to me.  And THAT is what is wrong with our country.  Their are not enough fathers in nuclear families to demonstrate AGAPE Love...loves that overcomes insurmountable reasoning in our minds....and some of us don't know that we all have a father...FATHER GOD.  Imagine what the Anthonys and my husband's love have done for their children. Imagine that they can't even TOUCH the type of love that GOD THE FATHER can give to us.....he knows forgiveness like no other. If we come before HIM saying "I'm sincerely sorry for what I did wrong"....if these worldly parents can overlook the atrocities committed by their children....how much MORE can GOD THE FATHER overlook if you seek His forgiveness?  We can't fathom it if we have never experienced it as children.  That is what satan has done to attempt to conquer God's children.  satan knows that God will forgive us and that eats away at him.  So, he took fathers out of the homes....destroyed the structure of FAMILY set up by God so that we are ignorant about forgiveness.  Instead, he introduced guilt.  We as a nation, live off of the law of guilt and not love.

I also agree with Jose Baez' closing remarks about killing convicts.  We ARE killing our own people.  The death penalty is barbaric and out of date.  We as a nation will be judged for every killing that WE AS A NATION commit. 

Another thing, even if you go before God to ask forgiveness, I encourage you to also go to the person of the Holy Spirit to seek healing.  When we do the sins that we do, our spirits and our bodies suffer as a result of the guilt and stress that we inflict on ourselves.  The Holy Spirit will heal you, encourage you and dissolve the guilt and stress from you.  I did that.  I had people in my life that I had never forgiven from way back in my childhood.  I cannot begin to tell you the relief that came over me when the Holy Spirit was activated in my life.  I was able to forgive and over the last 6 years, have been going through a healing process....and it is usually a process...not always a healing instantaneously.  I am not perfect...but I no longer feel guilty about EVERY little thing and I now also don't judge others as I once did.  In the past, I would have been one in the crowd shouting "Crucify!" I have more of a forgiving spirit after this initial experience and I encourage you to find a Christian church who believes in the healing power of the Holy Spirit of God the Father and Jesus Christ....a mystery of three in One.  Please don't hesitate to do this....you won't regret it!