Here is a place to ask for and to pray for others.  I will not tolerate any nastiness in here with regard to the Lord or to the people who choose to partake in this site.

Lord God, Our Father In Heaven, please listen to the prayers that take place on this site.  Please bless all who enter in....even if they just click out again....please bless them.  Lord I ask that You allow us to use this as a tool to communicate our needs, but not as a substitute for attending one of Your Churches.  Please allow this to be educational.  This is a Christian place were Christian values are upheld. 

To start things off, I pray that all of our military irregardless as to whether they are serving here or abroad....please keep each and every one of them in the Palm of Your Hand.  I plead Psalm 91 for them that they be protected at You promised.  I also ask that you serve their immediate families, Lord.  These families sacrifice so much.  They have to live through lonely holidays and special occasions without their soldiers while their soldiers serve our country.  Please give them peace, prosperity, and good health as they await for their loves ones to come back home to them in one piece and in good physical, mental, and emotional health.  Please allow the family who has been left behind to be able to enjoy every aspect of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays in spite of this hardship. 

Lord, I also ask that when these soldiers DO return to their families, that it be a time of joy and happiness.  I ask that You intervene between the returning soldier and their families.  When the soldier returns, in their minds, nothing has changed on the home front...while the families left behind have encountered a ton of change and have had to cope with it alone.  This can cause distance and confusion for the families and soldiers having to endure this...and it can cause hardship on marriages.   Please bless these families and make them whole again.   Please help these families to have an understanding of the underlying cause of "distances" between partners so that they can overcome what will then be apparent...without giving up on the marriage.  Bless these families abundantly, Lord.  Make these marriages strong so that they and the children can grow up healthy and strong along side of each other. 

Lord, please bless this country....Your United States of America.  Please reinstate our Christian values.  Please help us to remember why we formed this great country and don't ever allow us to become complacent about our freedoms.  Please take control of our government, Lord.  We as a people have been so unsuccessful in the last half century in picking and choosing government officials.  We need You in the Presidency...we need You in the Senate....we need You in the House of Congress, and we really need YOU in the Supreme Court.  We can rant, rave, and vote...but we cannot stop the tailspin that we are currently in.  It didn't just start to happen with either this administration or the one before this administration.  It started long before I was born.  We as a people became complacent.  We stopped caring....or we cared too much.  We are lukewarm.  Please oh please forgive us and do not spew us out of Your Mouth.  Please forgive us.  Lord, there are people in this country who love You and everything that You value.  We have prayed, we have written letters, we have called our congressmen, we have supported good causes both financially and with works, we have picketed.  We have done so much....but we haven't fully relied on You.  We took our eyes off of You during the "ME" generation of the 80's...where we all acted as though we were our own gods and could do everything on our own without Your help.  I can still remember the signs on street corner that read "God is dead".  It was wrong and I am here repenting for my deeds and lack of deeds and for the deeds of my fellow Americans.  Forgive us where we have shown lack towards You, Lord.  We are right here...right now....please forgive us.  Please remember us as a great nation.  Please bless us once again and show us how to get back to where we were from where we are right here and now.  Please don't punish those who long to serve You, Lord.  Please remove those who refuse to acknowledge You, from public offices all around the country and replace them with God fearing, Holy Spirit-filled Christians who love and belong to Jesus the Christ.  And Lord, please bless those who may be offended by this lengthy prayer.  I am not praying a prayer of hate or malice...that is never my intent.  Please bless all of my countrymen so that they will come to learn about You and to be able to see Your Light...especially during their times of need.

And Lord, as I pray for us to be able to go back to everything that we stood for before- as a great nation, The United States of America.  I ask you to NOT take us back to the times of slavery or negativity towards our brothers and sisters of different skin tones.  Lord, some say that we have come a  long way...but I disagree.  It doesn't matter what color or nationality we are...hate is hate.  Love is love.  We may not like the way that others live...but they are Your problem to deal with Lord.  You may not even agree with our points of view because we are so narrow minded and can't see things from Your point of view.  Please Lord, help us to learn to love our fellow citizens in spite of what we see different about them. Help us to take the splinters out of our own eyes before demoralizing the same time...not entering into behaviors that go against Your teachings.  Teach us to love the sinners as You do...while hating the sins that are committed.  Help us to stop sin in this nation as according to Your Word even if it means that some of us might be offended.  I would rather be offended here on earth than for myself and others to burn in hell for all eternity.  Lord, please help us to all come to an understanding that would bring us face to Face in acceptance with Your Son and our Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Last but not least...Please bless this blog and protect it from naysayers.  Protect anyone who participates in this blog from retaliation of any sort.  May Jesus rest His Mighty Hand on this blog....may Michael the Arch Angel...hold out his arm against anyone or entity that should try to stop this blog....and may the Holy Spirit permeate throughout this blog so that others may know who You are and find peace when they enter in this room of Holiness.  Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.  Thank you Lord Jesus....Thank You...Thank You.  Words will never be able to express how much we Thank You.