Last week, I told you how I had had a minor car accident.  I was lucky to have roadside service.  My husband loves me very much and insists that I be covered for this....just in case.  Well, with this same roadside service, a few months ago, it didn't work.  I was at a crop about 2 hours away from home, on a military base.  The crop was raising money for wounded war veterans.  When I arrived at the crop, I had to pull up to their garage doors in an area where normally, you were not supposed to be...or get towed.  So, I decided to leave my flashers running on my car in the event that while I was taking things inside the building and if the military police happened to come by, I just wanted them to see the lights so that they would know that I was only there temporarily.  Funny thing about those flasher lights during the day....they are not as noticeable.  Well, I moved the car to the parking lot where it belonged and attended the crop and began to unload my stuff.  I had done that at noon.  For lunch and dinner, I went with another friend in her car.  It was late at night before I went to my car.  When I stepped outside the crop, it was pitch street lights there.  I stood there trying to remember where I had parked the car.  Suddenly, I saw a car with its lights flashing brightly into the night and thought...oh....someone left their flashers on....and then I got that really sick feeling in my stomach when I realized that that someone had been me.  I had forgotten to turn them off in my haste to get the car out of the loading zone.  I know that you probably figured this out as you read this far....but my dilemma am I going to get my car serviced on a military base?!  You have to have clearance in order to get on the base....because yes...the car battery was dead.  I hooked a ride with a friend to our room that night and in the morning, I decided that I would conquer this problem.

The next morning, I called the military police to tell them what had happened.  They asked if I had roadside service and I said that I did.  They said that they could escort them to the car whenever they arrived...and I thought "whew!"  I was so thankful.  I called my roadside service whom I carry with All State, waited on the phone for almost an hour, while they tried to find someone who would service my car.  It turned out that in that very tiny town, the garages there don't like servicing All State Roadside Service!  I have used it for years...but never had to use it in a rural community like the one that I was in.  The operator told me that she found one person who was willing to service it if I was willing to pay $80 up front....and then All State would repay me.  Fine....I have my Visa and/or cash.  Oh no...that won't work.  Why not?  Because he will only accept American Express.  Well...I don't have American Express...but I can pay him cash.  No, he won't accept that.

By this point in time, I was livid and so was my husband.  He had paid a premium to insure that I was always safe on the road...and it wasn't working.  For whatever reason, this person.....nor the others...would accept cash either!  Go figure!  Well, word was getting around the room and suddenly another woman emerged from the crop saying that she found someone with jumper cables and that she was going to jump my car.  Thank the Lord!  We went to the car and opened the hood as a service man drove by in his truck asking if I needed help....and my reply was that I could use all of the help that I could get.  He started hooking up the cables, when suddenly the woman who started this!  You have them hooked up wrong!  Turns out that SHE was right.  Just goes to show that even though we typically trust handsome, young men in uniforms....they are not as mechanically savvy as we might stereotypically want to  think...while this woman knew everything that we needed already.  But, that is for another article on stereotypes...LOL.  Anyway, she got the car running and I drove it around the base charging up the battery....and all was fine.

When I got home, my husband had a sheepish look on his face.  I asked him what was up?  He said that we had another roadside service that he had forgotten about with AAA.  I looked at him quizzically.  We have insurance with Geico and the roadside service was included.  We had coverage that could have been used and we didn't use it because he forgot about it and I didn't know about it.

Story number two:

My mother is in a nice nursing home up in OH while I reside here in FL.  About two weeks ago, my mother was having a hard time keeping up with our phone conversation and seemed a little paranoid.  I began to worry that something was amiss.  Later in that week, she had a doctor's appointment and my sister-in-law (an angel) accompanied her.  My sister-in-law called me later to update me about the appointment...and to let me know that my mother's hearing aid was missing.  The reason for the doctor's appointment was because my mother had an ear ache and neck pain.  She is arthritic in her neck.  When I heard about the missing hearing aid...I figured that her ear hurt and that maybe that was why she wasn't wearing it. sister-in-law learned from my mother that when her ear started hurting, she told the nurse that she didn't want to wear it because it hurt...and she saw the nurse place it on her nurse's cart.  That was the last time that Mom had seen it.  So, on that day about two weeks ago, I called the nursing home to inquire about the hearing aid and was told that they had gone through her laundry to see if it was in any of her pockets and that they hadn't found it.  I explained my mother's rendition of what had happened to it...and the nursing home didn't want to accept that.  The head nurse was on vacation and the assistant head nurse was dealing with this problem. I asked her what the nursing home was going to do since they had lost it, and was told that she would have to look into how to order a new one.  I allowed a week to go by so that they could follow through with ordering it.  In the meantime, my mother was becoming increasingly paranoid and argumentative.  She would see people looking at her while talking and immediately would think that they were talking about her because they were after all looking at her.  I kept explaining that it was coincidence and that she was experiencing what is typical behavior of people who can't the way....I know that because I am a retired teacher of the hearing about a plumber with a leaky faucet!  Anyway, I allowed almost that week to go by before approaching the head nurse who was now back from vacation.  She told me that they weren't reordering the hearing aid...they never do...that it was the family's liability.  I don't have power of attorney and was upset that nobody that insured the hearing aide.  I hated doing it....but I wanted to talk to the administrator and threw a "lawyer bomb" her way....and within a half a call from this nurse stating that the hearing aid had suddenly been found.  It seems that it was near a radiator in my mother's room and still operable....however my mother doesn't have a radiator in her room....but I didn't press the point because it was found.

Okay....So then I decided that I was going to insure it if nobody else will.  The nurse said that there isn't any hearing aid insurance...and I assured her that there heard of it....yes....I am a retired teacher of the hearing impaired...this is my field...and I know that there is hearing aid insurance....I'll get back to you.  I found the insurance and needed information about the hearing aid before I could sign her up.  I called the audiologist to get the information necessary to insure it only to find out that she has a lifetime replacement package!  It is still under warranty and doesn't need insurance at this point in time.  Go figure!  My mother could have had it replaced on day one and would have never had to experience the anger or paranoia.  I called the nursing home and explained this to the nurse and was answered with a sigh of shock.  She didn't know.  I hadn't known either.  How much more does she have that we don't know about?!

So, my question to you is how much do you already have that you don't know about?!  We all have insurances that we might not know about because of simple ignorance.  Many of you have not heard about your insurance plan that Jesus bought for you with His Life.  He paid the best insurance premium on the face of the earth or in this universe....He sacrificed His Life so that every sin....and I do mean EVERY sin that you have EVER committed is forgiven...... if you cash in on  HIS  policy.  What do you need to do to cash in?  You need to believe in Him and what He did for you.  You need to tell Him that you are truly sorry for all that you have done wrong....tell Him that you believe that he paid for those sins when He died on that cross over 2,000 years ago....and that you believe that he locked up hell and rose up to heaven where he resides with our Father...if you can believe this and tell him...then you will have cashed in on His insurance policy for you so that you will never ever go to hell after this time here on earth.  You have His A(in)surance that you will reside WITH HIM in heaven and that your sins are no longer on your policy.  You will have a good insurance record from here on on so long as you continue to believe in Him and His promises to you.

though his intentions were good, my husband, who loves me dearly, bought me a worldly insurance policy that failed me.  My mother had worldly insurance that we didn't know it did her no good.  You have both of these things only HEAVENLY....Jesus bought you the insurance....and now you are aware of it.  Won't you cash in before it is too late?