Hi Everybody!

We are well into 2013 already and I hope that you are all doing well. Unfortunately, aside from one card and one tag, none of the files that I am giving to you are specifically for Valentine's Day....however....with the card files that I am passing your way, you could easily add some cupids or hearts with a verse and be done. There are many ways that you could make Valentines. If you go to the Pazzles.net craft room, they showed how to make Valentines using files that you probably already have. One of my favorites there was an owl that had wings that were upside hearts and heart feet. I know that there are owls in our files that could be adapted. You could even make tiny hearts, place them upside down and layer them onto the owl as feathers. Another cute one was a fountain dish where they placed a straw filled with that powdered candy. There are so many possibilities. There are already tons of files on the http://Izzaboutchu.yolasite.com website that you can adapt to meet your needs. So, use your imaginations.

As I stated, I made simple card files. I had been watching HSN during craft day and there was a famous designer on there who had something that I really REALLY wanted. But, in order for me to spend that kind of money, I wanted to talk to my hubby first. I couldn't reach him at work and guess what? By the time that he got home, it was sold out. I was so upset because it would have made my birthay/anniversary card giving so much more simpler. Oh well, I thought....it was meant to be. But, I love this designer's stuff. My hubby said....well...I thought that the idea of you getting that machine and all of that paper was so that you could make your own designs. You make all of those designs for your website and you don't have something like hers? Well....as a matter of fact I do....only not as one set. They are dispersed throughout the site. I needed to pull a project together so that I could prove to him that I was like the little engine that could. I am not done yet though. But, I am sharing what I do have. I also made a video so that I could share with you what I am talking about. So, be sure to check out the last two videos that I made at You Tube:

Layered Cards:


I also had a request a while back about my workspace and how I kept my stuff organized. Here is that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd7Sinops74


I have an announcement that is also at the end of one of those videos...and that is that though I will continue to give away free files in the future...I am now having to sell some of my files. I hate doing this. The idea was for me to give back because so many of us were struggling and having tough times. Well, it looks like my husband's job is at risk. We are not sure as yet. We are saving and hanging on with all of our mights in the event that he gets the news that he has been let go. His paycheck went south quite a bit. We can still survive on it as is....but is a far cry from what it once was. I too am looking for work. I am a retired teacher who took an early retirement because at the time, I could afford to do that....but I never would have left if I had not been injured. So, I am trying to figure out what I can do besides teach. I just don't have the patience for young children anymore. If it was with adults, I could do that...but not with children. I love children...but I am getting too old to have the amount of patience that is necessary in today's classrooms across the country. So, we are looking for jobs both here in Florida and outside of the state. We may have to relocate. We will see. It is all in God's Mighty Hands! So, please keep our decisions in your prayers. I would like to be able to continue my website as a free place for all of you to visit. Like I said....I hate having to do this.

Here are the new files:


Cuddly Pets: Bunny eating a carrot

Circus & Zoo Animals: Elephant eating peanuts


Cards & Envelopes: Layered Cards:

Card Embellishments: Greeting Toppers, When I think of YOU..., paper ribbon banners, Misc. Embellishments.

Regular Folds (at top)

Open Weave, Closed weave, I am Tweet on YOU!, layered card1, layered card2.


Fantasy: nothing new this month


Flowers: rose/tulip/daisy


Frames, Mats, & Page Lace: snowflake2 and sunrays


Holidays: See in the card section a file named “I am tweet on you!”

But be sure to check out what is already there!


Sports: accessories: Baseball bat & mitt


Projects of the Month Blog: nothing new this month aside from the cards.


Great things that I found on the Web!

Card Organizer Notebook

This is a great tutorial/video on how to make a notebook to hold your cards.

It says that you need a bind-it-all....but if you don't have one, keep in mind that you can also use ribbons or notebook rings and a regular hole puncher.


Perpetual Greeting Card Organizer

This video teaches you how to re-adapt a D-Binder into a photo organizer.


Accordion Style Card Box

She show you how to make an accordion style box to store your cards in.


See you soon!