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I am still working on the website…so it is still dusty…please overlook the mess or dissemblance.  It is going to take a lot of time to get it where I want it to be.  I wish that I had had access to the tools that they have now given us when I first built it…it would probably look totally different than it currently does.  But, to start all over again with all of the files that are already on there…it just doesn’t merit the time that it would take.  So, it is what it is!  But, hopefully, eventually, it will be more user-friendly.

This week, I have been concentrating on the new website designs.  I am experimenting.  I am not totally happy with what I have done thus far….but like I said…it is an experiment and it may or may not work.  We will see! 

Be sure to watch the videos How To Make Your Own Border Punches 1&2.  We all have them…those border punches made by EK Success, Martha Stewart, Fiskars, etc.  When they are on sale…we buy them.  They are in our scrapbooking collections taking up a lot of space.  I can’t get rid of them because I just like them too much.  They are easy to grab and punch or to grab and go when attending a crop.  But, eventually, they do wear out.  Well, I was getting ready for a crop and wanted a butterfly border.  I went online to shop around to see what I could come up with.  I had an email ad that was having a sale on their punches.  I perused the site and found a punch by EK Success that I liked…and almost broke down to order it when that little voice in my head said…the reason that you bought your cutting machine was to save money…not to spend it.  So, I found a butterfly in my collection and made my own file.  You will see how I did it. 

In the video, Snipping Tool, you will see how it can be used on the Internet and with your programs. 

My Life:  My personal life has been very busy.  My mother took a turn for the worse.  For those of you who pray…please keep her in prayer.  I am going to write a piece…hopefully before this is posted…explaining her experience.  They said that she is hallucinating again…but I think that she had a vision of heaven.  What an interesting hallucination if it was anything else!  I think that it will be a story of hope for those of you who are afraid of death or for those of you who know someone on the brink of death.  As much as I don’t want my mother to die anytime soon….I will be more comfortable after hearing her tale.  So, be sure to check out My Life this week.  My Mommy is sure an inspiration to me. J

If  you have prayer requests, please send them to this address: 

In the subject area, type PRAYER REQUEST.  Do not send last names.  Only first names and brief descriptions of the situation.  God knows what is going on! :-)  I will add them to my prayer list!  I also ask that if the prayer is answered that you let me know so that we can give Him Praise!

ORDERS for WPC , PDF, SVG, and MTC files:  This feature is for those of you who need a special file.  I charge for these kinds of files.  The price would be determined by the complexity of the file. 

Also, from here on in, I am listing all free files as pdf and wpc.  If you want a svg or mtc, let me know....but I will be charging $1/file.  Most programs accept pdfs.  If I list all file formats on my website, it takes way too long and takes away from the quantity and quality of the designs that I want to post in the future.  This will encourage you to learn how to import pdf if you don't already know how.  One person said that she didn't know how to use pdf for svg.....well....I made a tutorial on how to do this and it is listed on the site under VIDEOS.

Videos:  Be sure to subscribe to Opal777 on You Tube:

Videos:  Be sure to watch :  How to Make Your Own Border Punches 1 & 2 & Snipping Tool.  Just click on the underlined number or Title.

New Files:

Animals:  nothing new this week.

Aquariums/Ocean life/Beaches   nothing new this week.

Audition Layouts:  nothing new this week.

Borders, & Corners nothing new this week.

Bugs and Critters  nothing new this week. 

Cards & Envelopes:  nothing new this week. 

Christian or Jewish:  nothing new this week. 

Country/Rodeo:  Nothing new this week. 

Decorations, Swirls, & Such:  nothing new this week.

Dinosaurs:  Nothing new this week

Fantasy:  Nothing new this week

Flowers  Scroll down to section of TREES BRANCHES AND LIMBS: bamboo tree

Food:  nothing new this week.

Holidays/Seasonal:  Scroll to bottom of page and click on St. Patrick’s Day:  Leprechaun, shamrock 

Journaling Tags & Office Supplies: paper scroll

Paper and files:  nothing new this week.

Party Things:  Nothing new this week. 

Mats & Overlays:  nothing new this week.

People & Their Belongings

Body Parts: 3 Faces of Eve, eyes2, Eyes Have It,

Teen & Adults:  At the Hop, exercise, male/female symbols,

Clothing:  Hats:  baseball cap.

Rhinestone Patterns:  nothing new this week.

Shared Files:   nothing new this week.

Sports Click on HUNTING: hunting allowed, hunting cross hairs, hunting knife, rifle, tent, aHunting we will go!

Steampunk/Antique/Vintage:  nothing new this week.

Things Around the House:  nothing new this week.

Transportation:  nothing new this week.

Vacation/Travel:  Aruba flag, Oh Canada flag, Eiffel Tower

Weather:  nothing new this week.

Weddings & Proms:  nothing new this week.

3-D:  nothing new this week.

Guest Designer: Phillip Martin:

Teacher Tools:  nothing new this week

If you have any ideas for files, please let me know!  I love to design and your suggestions let me know that I am not doing this in vain.  If you have an idea, just send an email with IDEA in the subject area.
Please send ALL correspondence to the  email address.  My Opal777 email address is a personal one.  I have an elderly mother who ails from time to time...and I need that one kept open for personal communication.  Thank you for understanding in advance.  :-)

HAPPY SCRAPPING!!  See you next week!