Hello Everyone,

Okay, so I have been mostly MIA lately.  It is true.  It is summer and it is hard to focus on indoor activities while the outdoor activities have been calling my name loudly.  For example, the city just repaved our road and put in new sidewalks.  Dirt and dust were everywhere.  So, I pulled out the pressure washer after they were done.  I couldn’t believe how much dirt was everywhere.  Anyway, I got the house and sidewalks done.  I then found out that Walmart has a section in the nursery with discounted plants.  Who could refuse?!  They are marked down half price.  Some are in really bad shape….but a lot of those plants were in excellent condition.  We had lost a lot of plants this past winter…as mild as it was…and I needed replacements.  So, yesterday, I got the last of my flower beds put in.  So, let me tell you that as I designed, all that I could think of was flowers and the beach!  After doing all of that work…my mind is on the beach….LOL.  But, I also know that Father’s Day is coming up.  If I were making designs for just scrapbooking, I would not worry about putting late Father’s Day files in since we scrapbook AFTER the fact.  But, since there are so many card makers out there, I know that you need the files early so that you can get them sent out.  So, I am forcing myself to design Daddy things today.  Yes…today…as I write this.  Talk about doing everything at the last minute, LOL.  But, it is challenging me to do something different.  I love flowers and bows…..but needed something more masculine.  You know me….I am all about lace.  So, instead of going masculine…I am going Daddy cute.  If you need something more masculine, be sure to visit the sports page at Izzaboutchu.  There are plenty of sporty masculine things there.  Today, for new files….I am making things that can be used outside of just Father’s Day. 

For example, I made a Taxi Daddy.  You could use the file as part of a vacation page leaving out the wording.  You could also eliminate the steering wheel, etc. and just place the man above a frame with a photo in it.  I also made a father pulling his daughter in a wagon.  You could change out the hair to be hair for a boy to change it up…and leave out the wording.  You could even change the father’s hair to a woman’s hair and it could be a mother pulling a child.  You could put a child in front of the wagon and put a pet in the wagon.  There is a file named BEST COOK.  He is holding a spatula and a bottle.  Keep in mind that there is already a grill and equipment on the site under the category of food.  But, if you take off the chef’s hat and apron, you could put a baby in each of his arms.  Just make sure that whatever you have him hold, he has his hands on top.  You could even have him holding flowers in one hand and a baby in the other with a child standing at his feet with a puppy.  There are plenty of files under Munchkins that you could use with this file….and pets are under animals.  So, use your imagination and do not be limited by what you are seeing in front of you.  So, though there are only new files this week, they are very adaptable to your imagination.  I think that what I will do is post some of the other files on the site with these files in the Yahoo Group under the photos section for Father’s Day.  Just so that I can get your creative juices flowing. 

Also, if you missed it last week, I had posted lace files in the Yahoo Group….which is why I am not posting as many files this week.

Under My Life, I share the Word that the Lord gave me to share with some of you.  Even if you are good with God, we need to remind ourselves from time to time about looking at what is ahead and not what is behind us.  That was the message that he shared with me from a dream that I had.  If you are not good with the Lord….you will want to read this article.  He wants you in his fold no matter where you have been or what you have done…even murders are welcome…that is how loving our Lord is! J

Next week, I am going to focus on ocean animals….and maybe flowers…and maybe wedding things.  I will see where my creativity takes me….LOL.  Until then, have a wonderful two weeks!

If  you have prayer requests, please send them to this address: 

In the subject area, type PRAYER REQUEST.  Do not send last names.  Only first names and brief descriptions of the situation.  God knows what is going on! :-)  I will add them to my prayer list!  I also ask that if the prayer is answered that you let me know so that we can give Him Praise!

ORDERS for WPC , PDF, SVG, and MTC files:  This feature is for those of you who need a special file.  I charge for these kinds of files.  The price would be determined by the complexity of the file. 

Also, from here on in, I am listing all free files as pdf and wpc.  If you want a svg or mtc, let me know....but I will be charging $1/file.  Most programs accept pdfs.  If I list all file formats on my website, it takes way too long and takes away from the quantity and quality of the designs that I want to post in the future.  This will encourage you to learn how to import pdf if you don't already know how.  One person said that she didn't know how to use pdf for svg.....well....I made a tutorial on how to do this and it is listed on the site under VIDEOS.

My Life:  My Dream and what message it left for me to share with you!

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Vacation/Travel:  Amusement Parks:  Cotton Candy, Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-Round, Roller Coaster.

                                Europe:  London Bridge (Do not make it too small or it will not cut well.)

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If you have any ideas for files, please let me know!  I love to design and your suggestions let me know that I am not doing this in vain.  If you have an idea, just send an email with IDEA in the subject area.
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HAPPY SCRAPPING!!  See you next week!