Hello Newsletter Subscribers,

I have been busy adding new posts to the website throughout the week including:

On the PRAYER TAB, I share a true story….as well as a funny story about the time that I first learned about Islam.  A lot has changed in the last 20 years regarding this subject.  Who really heard about it (in the US) that much back then?!  This story might give you a chuckle.

Also, if you have prayer requests, please send them to this address: IzzaBoutChuToo@yahoo.com  Do not send last names.  Only first names and brief descriptions of the situation.  God knows what is going on! :-)  I will add them to my prayer list!  I also ask that if the prayer is answered that you list that as well so that we can give Him Praise!

On the MY LIFE TAB, I talk about my very first best-ist friend in the world and how different it was back in the 50’s.  If you are 50-something, you might be able to relate to this story.

CHAT ABOUT PAZZLES:  Remember that this is not JUST for Pazzle owners.  You can meet with your long distance friends and discuss your projects here.

ORDERS for WPC , PDF, SVG, and MTC files:  This feature is for those of you who need a special file.  I charge for these kinds of files.  The price would be determined by the complexity of the file. 

Also, from here on in, I am listing all free files as pdf and wpc.  If you want an svg or mtc, let me know....but I will be charging $1/file.  Most programs accept pdfs.  If I list all file formats on my website, it takes way too long and takes away from the quantity and quality of the designs that I want to post in the future.  This will encourage you to learn how to import pdf if you don't already know how.  One person said that she didn't know how to use pdf for svg.....well....I made a tutorial on how to do this and will post it on Monday. :-)

Videos:  This week's videos were about loading Ink Scape onto your computer, per request.  I had someone say that they didn’t know how to open a pdf and they were only used to svg. So, the tutorial addresses this issue.

Gallery Challenge:  There were no winners for the Gallery Challenge because nobody entered.  So, I am gathering that there is no interest in this area.  If there is anyone out there who would be interested in future challenges, then let me know.  Otherwise, I will eliminate this category from the news letter and from the website.

These are the FREE files that I added last week:

This Week's Featured Files:  WEATHER

There are lots of files concerning summer weather.  With all of the horrible weather that has crossed our country this past spring, some of you might want to journal about it.  I have been through 4 tornados in my lifetime.  I didn’t have pictures & didn’t journal about it…and when I have retold the stories to my step kids and nephews, I realized that I have lost some of the details about what happened.  So, I included files so that you can do that.  Sometimes, writing about these things in an artistic way can help us to heal.  I pray that you are all safe now! 

But besides the stormy files, there are rain files, sun files, etc.  There is one rain overlay…..just place another piece of paper behind the rain drops.  It give off a cool effect….especially if you use glitter paper  underneath!

Other new files:

Animals:  nothing new this week

Critters & Things:  nothing new this week

Cards & Envelopes:  nothing new this week

Christian or Jewish:  Jesus, crucifix, Christian symbols, shepherd layout, Jesus loves me, etc

Decorations, Swirls, & Such:  bleeding hearts, lily of the valley, a couple of swirls

Fantasy:  nothing new this week

Flowers:  nothing new this week

Holidays/Seasonal:  DQ ice cream cone

Lace & Corners:  nothing new this week

Mats & Overlays:  nothing new this week

People:  Middle aged belly belles and tattoo art

Sports:  Racing stuff:  Go cart, car parts, dirt bike, flames, checkered flags

Weather:  Rain gear, umbrella kids, sun tan lotion, fairy under a flower, sun hat

Things at Home:  Car keys, blade holder, lamp

Wedding:  Dancing Bride and Groom

Next Week's Featured Files will be Babies!

If you have any ideas for files, please let me know.  I know that I got a lot of responses for the wrestling files.  Seems that there aren't that many out there.  I have a grandson who won a tri-state championship...so I had to design those for him....and yes...I am a proud grandma!  Anyway, let me know if you have ideas, and I will see what I can come up with!

Please send ALL correspondence to the IzzaBoutChuToo@yahoo  email address.  My Opal777 email address is a personal one.  I have an elderly mother who ails from time to time...and I need that one kept open for personal communication.  Thank you for understanding in advance.  :-)

HAPPY SCRAPPING!!  See you next week!