Hello Newsletter Subscribers,

I hope that you all had a nice week.  Mine was uneventful…and that was really nice.  Sometimes, when there is no news…it is good news. 

This week, I mostly made videos. I have been experimenting with a new software program and so far, am happy with it.  The others never aligned the voice with the images properly.  This one has been working so far with the sample ware…so I might actually purchase this one.  For those of you who are using the Pazzles Inspiration Studio Software, there are new tutorials for you to watch.  Some of you using other softwares may still be able to learn from them, if you are Newbies, because a lot of it is drawing and most art programs have the same basic functions.

This week, I focused on Valentine’s Day.  I was going to post these files next week, but realized that a lot of people are in the process of making their Valentines right now.  So, this week’s files are mostly hearts and lace.

I also want to welcome and to thank Phillip Martin for sharing his designs on our website for free.  His rules are the same as mine.  I asked him for terms of use and he basically said that he agreed with my rules of use.  That means that you are allowed to use our files for your own personal use, but not to sell them either as a design or in a project.  My only exception is if you are using a design for the profit of a church….but with zero profit to yourself…in other words a donation. 

Well, that is all that I can think of to say this week except for one more thing….just recalled as I typed:  In the Izzaboutchu Yahoo Group….I have a request:

Please start a list of the types of files that you are looking for.  Lately, I have been focusing on holidays.  I know that we all need holiday files…but what other themes are you looking for in sports, holidays, religion, etc.  What is it that you want?  Please list them in the Yahoo Group.

The files were miscellaneous this week.    If your interests are not being represented, then write to me at and voice your opinion.


My Life:  Nothing new this week

If  you have prayer requests, please send them to this address: 

In the subject area, type PRAYER REQUEST.  Do not send last names.  Only first names and brief descriptions of the situation.  God knows what is going on! :-)  I will add them to my prayer list!  I also ask that if the prayer is answered that you let me know so that we can give Him Praise!

ORDERS for WPC , PDF, SVG, and MTC files:  This feature is for those of you who need a special file.  I charge for these kinds of files.  The price would be determined by the complexity of the file. 

Also, from here on in, I am listing all free files as pdf and wpc.  If you want a svg or mtc, let me know....but I will be charging $1/file.  Most programs accept pdfs.  If I list all file formats on my website, it takes way too long and takes away from the quantity and quality of the designs that I want to post in the future.  This will encourage you to learn how to import pdf if you don't already know how.  One person said that she didn't know how to use pdf for svg.....well....I made a tutorial on how to do this and it is listed on the site under VIDEOS.

Videos:  I have been making videos throughout the week.  I have not had the chance to post them to the website yet though.  You can see them if you search OPAL777 on You Tube though. 

Gallery:  nothing new this week

I would like to see some of your work that you have made using the files listed in the IzzaBoutChu! Site.  Please share!

Some of you shared your photos at the Izzaboutchu! Yahoo Group site!  It warmed my heart!  Thank you for sharing your projects!  Please continue to do so. 

These are the FREE files that I added last week:


New Files:

Animals:  nothing new this week

Aquariums/Ocean life/Beaches  nothing new this week.

Audition Layouts:  nothing new this week

Bugs and Critters  nothing new this week


Cards & Envelopes:  nothing new this week


Christian or Jewish:  nothing new this week


Country/Rodeo:  Nothing new this week


Decorations, Swirls, & Such:


Dinosaurs:  Nothing new this week

Fantasy:  Nothing new this week




Food:  nothing new this week


       Valentine’s Day:  Butterfly border with lifted wings, circles make a heart, doves carrying a heart, filigree sweetheart, heart and arrow, heart filigree border, heart journal, heart overlay, hearts around a heart, hearts in a slinky, layered hearts, ruffled heart, U hold the key to my heart, heart tree, heart tree2, bleeding hearts, X border, Eye luv you.


Also:  See the Valentine Clipart designed by Phillip Martin.  You can see his clipart at  He has graciously allowed me to vectorize his artwork into cutting files without charge.  His only stipulations are the same as mine.  You are not to use them for your financial gain.  They are for your own personal use only.  His Valentine’s Day Clipart remind me of the days when we exchanged those mini Valentines in grade school.  Enjoy…and thank you for sharing, Phillip Martin!


Borders, & Corners:  Flower for border.  The base of this flower is stationary.  Make a border of them and cut out the second flower in a contrasting paper and place in the center of the stationery flowers.

Paper and files:  nothing new this week.

Party Things:  Nothing new this week.


Mats & Overlays:  curly cue lace

People & Their Belongings:  nothing new this week

Shared Files:  Diane Kayess:  Mom card

Sports:  nothing new this week

Steampunk/Antique/Vintage:  nothing new this week

Things Around the House:  nothing new this week

Transportation:  nothing new this week

Vacation/Travel: nothing new this week.

Weather:  nothing new this week

Weddings & Proms:  nothing new this week

3-D:  nothing new this week

Teacher Tools:  nothing new this week

If you have any ideas for files, please let me know!  I love to design and your suggestions let me know that I am not doing this in vain.  If you have an idea, just send an email with IDEA in the subject area.
Please send ALL correspondence to the  email address.  My Opal777 email address is a personal one.  I have an elderly mother who ails from time to time...and I need that one kept open for personal communication.  Thank you for understanding in advance.  :-)

HAPPY SCRAPPING!!  See you next week!