Hi Everybody!

Sorry for the day late delivery of this newsletter, but I was fighting with my computer yesterday. I then fought with my website...and I then found out that it was the server. So, for whatever reason, Foxfire will not let me into my website any longer. They just did an update. It is probably temporarily incompatible.

I was excited to share too! You will see lots of new page lace, the pumpkins, and I included pages for a Halloween mini book too. I don't have a finished photo for that one yet, I am still working on it. I wasn't going to include it because it isn't finished, but then thought....you are all so talented that you can probably figure it out for yourselves and out do me in the process..LOL! So, it is included as well.

Just so that you know in advance, I will be double-posting next month because I will not be here to post a newsletter for the month of November. I will be visiting my mother while Cliff holds down the command post here. I need some alone time with my mother and we decided that I will go alone. So, you will find two months of files at the end of October. It actually might work out better for you that way so that you will have files in advance of the holidays so that you can prepare FOR the holidays.

One more thing.....I am getting off subject here...but since my husband brought home a memo from work about this, I have researched and have been sharing with everyone who I can think of because it is that serious. If you haven't researched Smart Meters...please do! I am seriously thinking about canvasing the neighborhood to educate the people living here about them. You can Google it...smart meters....and read up on the dangers of them. They give off microwaves continuously. And...if you have a collection box on your house...nobody will know who has this box...it collects the microwaves and information from all of your neighbors...and emits a higher concentration of these microwaves than the other boxes do. What is this thing, you might be asking as your scratch your heads about now? It is an attachment that your utility company will put onto your electrical box outside of your house or apartment. They will be able to drive by and click the info instead of walking on foot to gather it. They will be able to know the hours of the day that you are using which utilities. They will sell this information to companies for marketing purposes. In other words...Big Brother is being Nosier Than Ever. It is up to you as to what you do. But, one thing that they said was is that even if you don't accept this box....and your neighbors do...those microwaves will still effect you because of your neighbor's house if they have one. If you don't want one, you are required to place a notice on your electrical meter stating that you don't want one. They also advised sending a certified letter for return receipt to the electric company stating that you do not permit them to place this contraption on your outdoor meter. First they poisoned our water systems with waste...we cleaned that up. They polluted the air and then cleaned it up. Many people suffered ill health as a result of exposures before they stopped it. Now this?! It is your call. Consider yourself warned.

Here are the new files:

Animals: Circus & Zoo Animals: nothing new this week


Fantasy: nothing new this week


Flowers: nothing new this week


Frames, Mats, & Page Lace: Frames: Scallops & Swirls

Page Lace: floral 3, loopy X, tuck a photo, zinnia


Video for using the frames:

Project of the Month Blog: Pumpkin Strips & Halloween Mini Book


Great things that I found on the Web for !

If you are a Pazzles owner and are looking for an easier way to do things, be sure to check out Richard's website: http://cutandcreativity.co.uk/

He has some great tutorials on this site and some freebie files as well.

Also, here is a video that made showing us how to make a treat box of a tomb stone. She has a link for the files. It is really cute! http://designingwithdiecuts.com/news/1-latest-news/208-tombstone-template-freebie.html

See you next month!