Folding Cards One

    I have designed these cards so that all you have to do is pick out what good quality paper you want to use for your designs. There are four levels for each card: 

 EZ is the basic design and would be good for those who are just learning how to use their cutting machines...or....for those of you who love to use stickers and your own embellishments.  The EZ is a fast "go to" when you are in a hurry to get things done quickly with no muss or fuss.   

BEGINER is one step higher than the EZ and has some mats or simple things to make your card look more put together.  You can use this one also when you are in a hurry and just want to add your own embellishments in the form of stickers, etc.

INTERMEDIATE is recommended for those who have some experience in cardmaking.  It also incorporates the use of a pen tool should you own one.  If you don't then you will have cut dash lines that you can then lightly ink to make them stand out from the rest of the card.  The kiss cut lines just add another layer of a professional look that saves you the time from doing it by hand.

ADVANCED should only be used by "seasoned" card designers who are proficient at setting their cutting machines to adapt to fine cuts including lace and lattice work.  It takes the card to a professional looking level without having to think too much....but is still basic enough to allow you to be creative in your own way by adding all of the extra touches that make your style uniquely your own.


By having four different levels of difficulty, for those of you who are beginners, it will allow you to grow until you can achieve the next level of competency without frustration.


Follow the Spectrum of the Rainbow for easier layering of your cut pieces!

ON TOP OF THE DIFFERENT LEVELS....another thing that makes these files unique and easy to follow is the color system.  The base of the card will always be the color RED.  The next layer will always be ORANGE...the next layer YELLOW...then green....then BLUE....and occasionally PURPLE.  EZ and Beginners usually only use one or two layers...but as you become more proficient and start to use the other two levels, you will know what should go on top of what as you layer the pieces of your cards together.  If you see black, you will know to NEVER cut that layer because anything outlined in black is simply there to show you visually how the finished product should look.  If you see GRAY...then you know that those are the lines that are always drawn with the pen tool only...aside from the kiss cut (dashed) lines. 


NOW, if you don't think that THAT would be enough for you to find these cards easy to do, then listen to this:

EVERY CARD is accompanied by a video that explains how to construct it at the BEGINNER'S LEVEL.  That way, you can see how to fold the cards without much muss or fuss...step by step...with very little chit chat.  I have to tell you that I love YOU TUBE as much as the next person and have a lot of video tutorials on there myself...but I don't know what there is about You Tube that makes the tutor tell you everything about their personal lives....and I often find myself trying to scroll ahead of the little speeches that are made and sometimes miss valuable steps.  I can be an impatient person when I am trying to learn something.  I don't want to hear about someone else's problems or shortcomings...just tell me what I need to know about whatever I am trying to learn about and leave the chit chat to FB or Twitter.  I will not do that to you in these videos.  I show you a finished product and then show you how to make it. Occasionally, I will show you tips or shortcuts, but there will be no long monologs.  I get you in there and get you out of there.  What is great about these is that if you didn't see it....hit pause and slide the bar back a bit and repeat until you get to know whatever you need.  No measurements to write down because it is all done for you. 


So in essence, all you do is cut, watch and fold.  Embellish to your liking...done.  Just have fun!

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Card Folding One

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