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Vicki Kee aka Opal777

& IzzaBoutChuToo



I am a Christian who named her site towards the Lord God Almighty! 

I am a retired school teacher who became burned out in the classroom.  I didn't like reading from script the way that we were being instructed to do.  I am a very creative person and loved using my creativity in the classroom.  That was no longer possible in my situation.  So, I retired.  I am now using this forum as a creative outlet.  It may not be a fancy website, but I am hoping to accomplish several things here: 

a.)  I want this to be a place for you to come to with your 10 minute break and a good cup of Joe

b.)  I would like to share anecdotal accounts of my life and the lives of people whom I socialize with.  I am hoping that it will be funny...I want you to relate and to relax. 

c.)  I am really into paper crafting and have a Pazzles Inspiration Machine.  I would like to share some of my files here for others to use.

d.)  Last but not least...and most important of all.....I would like to offer prayer here.  With our busy day-to-day lives, we as a society have forgotten that God has had all of our solutions in place before we were ever born here on earth because He doesn't have a time line like we do.  We need to remember to exercise our faith that He has it all worked out for us as well as our loved ones...and even for our enemies!

Terms of Use:  The files contained throughout this site may be downloaded and used for personal use only.  These images are not to be used for personal monetary gain.  The only exception to this rule is for churches.  Churches may use the contents of this site for fundraisers where 100% of the proceeds will go to the church and not to any individual selling something at the church.  All content on this site is subject to standard copyright laws.  Most images on this site are designed by the curator of the site or through use of public domain clip art.  Exceptions to this are individual guest artists who have given permission to use their art in a cutting format.  Their terms of use are to be defined the same as the curator's rules. 

Disclaimer:  IzzaBoutChu! assumes no responsibility for any viruses or anomalies that might be attached to files offered here for free.  IzzaBoutChu! does regular virus protection updates on the computer from where the files are uploaded, but cannot guarantee that Yolasite is safe at all times because in this day and age, there are hackers who can get past the US Government.  So, nothing is sacred anymore.  When you download any files from this site, you are doing so at your own risk.  Izzaboutchu will not be held liable because you are being warned ahead of time.  It is recommended that you use a virus protection software on your computer and keep it updated and running at all times.  It is recommended that you scan all files that you are downloading, whether from this site or any other site, prior to completing the download.  If you do not know how to do this, it is recommended that you learn how to use this procedure before downloading for this or any other site on the Internet. Most people are honest, but the few that are not honest make it unsafe to freely download off of the Internet for the majority of us.

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 Be sure to click on the links below in order to learn more about the Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter, the Pazzles Craft Room, as well as the Pazzles Blog:



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