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Picture Gallery

Pop-up Gift Card Front

File & Video under the

Cards & Envelopes

Izzaboutchu! Border design

Cuttlebug  Embossing Folder

Eucalyptus Stickles


Side fold card

Antique Gray

Pink Cardstock

Antique Gray Striped

Pink Puffy Paint

Pearl Accents

Izzaboutchu! Border design

My first collage:  Having to say goodbye to my "Mommy".

Sharing this one just for the fun of it.  We rode Space Ship Earth and this is what Disney did to us.  I was hot and sweaty after a long, hot day at Epcot.  Not one of my better moments!

Collage attempt number three.  My hubby had gone up to upstate NY to visit the kids.  My husband is always saying, "Me and my kids...this and that..." while I am always correcting his grammar....LOL.  So, I had to title this ME & MY KIDS.

I had misc. photos of the kids in different water scenes.  I combined them into this digital layout.


Pop-up Gift Card Inside

File & Video under the

Cards & Envelopes

Baby Lavender Swiss Dot

Baby Lime Gingham

Polymark Purple Iridescent Puff Paint


Izzaboutchu! Flower Girl Design

Pink, yellow, and green cardstock

Yellow ribbon

Sakura pens

Petal Box Pigment Ink (grass)

Just DUCKY in JAx, FL

This was my first attempt at digital photography using Jasc Photoshop.  It was a challenge learning how to use layers.  Now, it seems so simple....but back then....not so easy. :-)

This was my second attempt at a collage.  This is our grandson Elijah fishing with his grandpa, my husband.  I was learning how to add texture in this digital layout.

This is a picture of the butterfly quilt that I made for our church bazaar.  It is much bigger than it appears here.  It never made it to the was sold before they could display it.  Got lucky on that one.  The colors were army green, aqua, and lavender...which sounds terrible...but it all matched the print.

I used the Pazzles Inspiration Studio Program to create stencils and then painted them onto my coffee table.  The diamond background is gold.  I love to paint and need to do it more often.I


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