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 This page is for those of you who want to share your files for free.  If you wish to take part in sharing your files here, keep in mind that the designs MUST be your own original designs.  You may not scrap lift and list here.  You may not post files created from clip art unless it is public domain.  If you decide to participate, write an email to stating that you give permission to post your attached file to this page.  Be sure to list the name that you want to use for credits.  I will not post if you do not list your name.  If you are using a cutting file that was designed from clip art that was posted on a public domain site, include the site so that I can verify this to be true.  If you use clip art from another source, it could cause this site to close down for good.  So, please abide by these rules should you want to share.  Also, if you have TERMS of USE for your files, list those in the email so that I can post them along with your file.  Let's keep this above board and honest please.  I have one person who wants to share so far.  Keep in mind that this is a FREE file share site...not one where we sell files.  Please make sure that directions for your files are either evident or include clear instructions with the file.  I will be posting both wpc and pdf of your files.  So, if you have an svg or mtc, please send it to me in a pdf format.  Please do not try to use this site as a free advertisement to your blogs or sites to sell your wares.  This is meant to be a site for freebies and freebies alone...even if you offer one freebie on your site per week...that does not constitute a free site.  I will try this for one month.  If there is interest, then I will continue to do this.  If there is little or no interest, I will delete this page in February. 

Mother's Day Butterfly card.pdf Mother's Day Butterfly card.pdf
Size : 52.274 Kb
Type : pdf
Mother's Day Butterfly card.WPC Mother's Day Butterfly card.WPC
Size : 29.727 Kb
Type : WPC

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